Professor Yashigo proceeded to the bride’s room but heard the door click shut. He realized he didn’t have a spare key, and all four rooms were interconnected.

Returning to his own room, he decided to take a quick shower. Afterward, he picked up his phone and dialed Husnah’s number. The phone rang, but Husnah didn’t answer.

A sly smile played on Prof’s lips; only he knew what had amused him. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep but decided against it.

Instead, he dialed Ahmad’s number. Saida, who intercepted the call twice, finally let it through. Ahmad exclaimed, “You’re the groom calling at this hour?”

Hakeem replied, “You won’t believe it, but this girl has locked herself in. I can’t get in.”

Ahmad burst into laughter, saying, “She’s quite the character, isn’t she?”

Hakeem smiled and replied, “Well, I suppose I can understand why. But no matter how hard she hides, she won’t escape my grasp.”

Zanbata overheard and expressed surprise that Husnah would fall into his hands.

Ahmad continued, “Just be cautious when dealing with the girl. My father can be quite formidable. I know how to handle older women.”

He laughed and hung up, leaving Hakeem smiling as he gazed at his phone.

Hakeem thought about playing a prank, but before he could execute it, he drifted off to sleep. He closed his eyes, envisioning Husnah, and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Meanwhile, Laila had witnessed everything but saw Hakeem open and close the door. After speaking to Ahmad, she was content and returned to her room to update her family and sister. She vowed not to return to them until Husnah agreed.

Back at Hajiya Rukayya’s place, the workers were discussing the day’s events. Hajiya Rukayya remarked that their efforts were futile and wondered if they knew what the girl truly desired. Suby added that the sorcerer had promised to create a rift between them and wondered if it had begun.

Inbahakaba chimed in, asking how Hakeem was as a husband. Hajiya Rukayya insisted that their words must align. Laila pondered whether it would be better to pay Hakeem before the wedding.

Laila happily went to bed, her heart light.

At four in the morning, Husnah awoke from a deep slumber. She performed ablution, sensing the call to morning prayer. She prayed and recited the Quran, then began removing her clothes, as she hadn’t had the chance to change the night before. After a refreshing shower, she decided to take a short nap before heading out.

Hakeem, too, was content with his sleep after the morning prayer. He returned to his room and fell asleep again.

At half-past seven, a worker knocked on the door. Suby, Laila’s younger sister, answered. The worker asked about Hajiya Rukayya’s request.

Suby handed her a plate of food and inquired about her business. The worker said that Hajiya had sent her to fetch something for the bride.

Suby accepted the plate and brought it to Laila and Hajiya Rukayya. Laila was pleased and checked the contents, confirming that everything was as it should be.

Afterwards, they returned to their room, leaving the worker satisfied. Suby remarked that she didn’t seem upset with the bride.

Husnah was still asleep when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it, and Suby stood there, surprised by Husnah’s appearance.

Suby asked, “Are you expecting someone?”

Husnah placed her finger on Suby’s lips and whispered, “Hush.”

Suby understood and kept quiet. Husnah got up and prepared to take a bath.

Suby hesitated but finally said, “Hakeem’s brother, Ahmad, has arrived.”

Husnah replied, “Alright, thanks for letting me know,” and handed the basket to Suby.

As Suby left, Husnah smiled and put the basket on the dining table before returning to her room.

She woke up at ten o’clock and proceeded to decorate her bedroom and living room. She lit incense and spread the scent throughout her apartment. Afterward, she took a shower and dressed in an exquisite dark blue Holland dress, accented with pink accessories.

As she sat in her room, Husnah was lost in thought, smiling. Her only concern was that she didn’t like potatoes, and her hair was tied with pink ribbons. Her necklace, too, was pink.

After she tied her hair, she noticed her plate shoes were plain. Husnah sat down to break her fast, happy and content.

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