AHLIN LASHKHAR Complete Document Written By Khadija Kanwar Soja


The burial of His Highness, Sarki Abdullahi, the king of Gezo of Kano city, was a solemn affair. His body, shrouded in a pristine white cloth, exuded the scent of musk incense as mourners gathered around. Despite the grief that hung heavy in the air, there was a serene smile etched on his face, as if he had found peace in the afterlife. Among the mourners stood a young boy, no older than thirteen, his fair skin accentuated by the single eyelash that graced his large eyes. With a heavy heart, he placed a comforting hand on Ummah’s shoulder and uttered softly, “Umma Abba won’t return.” 

Behind him stood a young woman of about fifteen, embracing him tightly, unwilling to let go. As tears flowed freely, she spoke of the injustice of their father’s untimely demise, lamenting the lack of closure and justice. Even within the safety of his royal carriage, their father had been struck down, his assailant still at large. The absence of accountability threatened the very fabric of their society, leaving them vulnerable and afraid.

Amidst the mourners stood Alhaji Aliyu, a prominent figure known throughout Nigeria for his business acumen. He offered solace to Ajeebah, his gentle gesture prompting her tear-filled eyes to meet his. As the younger brother of her late father, he understood the weight of their loss and offered a reassuring embrace, promising to stand by them in their time of need.

As the evening wore on, grief enveloped the gathering, each mourner grappling with their own sorrow. Alhaji Aliyu, overcome with emotion, vowed to avenge his brother’s death, his resolve evident in the tears that streaked his cheeks. Hajiya Amina, ever the pillar of strength, urged the children to find solace in prayer rather than tears, her words a balm to their wounded hearts.

In the midst of their anguish, Umma, their mother, collapsed in despair, prompting Ajeeb to rush to her side. Surrounded by loved ones, they sought comfort in each other’s embrace, finding solace amidst the storm of grief.

Meanwhile, a wise old woman observed the scene unfold, her aged eyes filled with sorrow. Abdul Shakur Kinan, once a wealthy and powerful king of Kano, now faced with the loss of his children, his only solace lay in the presence of his last remaining son, Alhaji Aliyu.

Three days later, as the old king’s body lay in repose, the gathered mourners turned to Alhaji Aliyu, their eyes filled with expectation. The chief doctor of the LASHKHAR family delivered the somber news, urging Alhaji Aliyu to accept the mantle of leadership before it was too late. With heavy hearts and a sense of duty, they awaited his decision, knowing that the future of their community hung in the balance.

In the midst of their deliberations, Hajiya Amina remained resolute, her gaze unwavering as she silently awaited the outcome. As the old king’s breaths grew shallow, a sense of urgency filled the room, propelling them towards a decision that would shape the destiny of their people. Amidst the turmoil, Ajeebah’s nephew stepped forward, his voice steady and determined, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness of their grief.

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