AGOLA Complete Document Written By Nabila Rabiu Zango


In the heart of Sarki neighborhood stands the imposing residence of Agarin Kaduna. This grand abode is the setting for a tale that unfolds within its walls.

Alhaji Abba Bala, a prosperous figure known for his wealth, resides in this mansion with his wife, Hajiya Zarah, and their two daughters. Zarah, originally from Zaria and the daughter of Malam Garba and Asabe, found an unexpected connection with Hajiya, whom she affectionately refers to as her aunt. Asabe, a woman with a compelling story, decided to live with Zarah, treating her as her own daughter. The reasons behind this peculiar arrangement remain a mystery.

Intriguingly, Zarah was the only one from her family to marry into wealth, a decision fueled by financial considerations. The fateful meeting between Alhaji Abba and Zarah took place when he visited a friend in their neighborhood. A swift courtship ensued, and they were soon married, bringing Zarah into a life of opulence.

However, Zarah’s love for wealth overshadowed everything else. Despite her family’s modest background, she detested poverty and distanced herself from her humble roots. Her disdain for the less fortunate extended to avoiding family gatherings and neglecting her own parents. Despite her lack of interest in religious knowledge and prayer, Alhaji Abba saw past her flaws and welcomed her into his respectable family.

Their marriage brought them to the opulent king’s house in Kaduna, where they embarked on a life filled with love and prosperity. Zarah’s focus shifted entirely to her new life, leaving behind her hometown and family. Even when pressured, she made infrequent visits, not contributing to family events or financial obligations. Despite her detachment, her husband’s wealth continued to grow, providing her with a life of comfort and luxury.

The union blessed Zarah with a daughter named Hauwa, whose birth marked the beginning of a new chapter. Alhaji Abba, with his considerable wealth, encouraged Zarah to start a business, leading her to forge a strong friendship with Hajiya Karima, another successful businesswoman. Together, they formed a powerful alliance, and Zarah’s horizons expanded under Karima’s guidance.

With Karima’s influence, Zarah learned the intricacies of business and worldly affairs, solidifying her loyalty to her husband. Despite her initial plans for financial independence, Karima advised her to wait for the birth of a son. Two years after Jidda’s birth, Zarah gave birth to a son named Jalila, ensuring the family’s legacy.

As the daughters grew older, their personalities diverged. Jidda took after her mother, focusing on worldly pursuits and engaging in questionable activities. On the other hand, Jalila embodied the demeanor of her father, displaying a more grounded approach to life.

While Jidda ventured into risky endeavors with her friends, Jalila prioritized her studies and religious education. Jidda’s involvement in questionable activities caused friction within the family, especially between her and Jalila. Despite Jalila’s concern for her sister, she struggled to find support within the family.

One Thursday, as Alhaji Abba prepared to travel to Sokoto, he urged his family to take care of their studies. Little did they know that their individual paths would lead them in vastly different directions, shaping the complex tapestry of their lives within the walls of Agarin Kaduna.

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