*New York, January 2, 2016*

Inside a bustling New York nightclub, the loud music reverberates through the air. A diverse crowd of girls and boys mingles, ready to hit the dance floor. Some hold glasses filled with champagne, whiskey, or cigarettes – not caring whether they are men or women.

Among the partygoers is a guy named Ashraf. He catches the eye, wearing a mini skirt and a somewhat unconventional ensemble. At one corner of the club, someone rests their head on a table, clearly enjoying the night.

Suddenly, a voice calls out, “Don’t pop it, get up, Ashraf, let’s leave now.” Ashraf complies, rising from his seat. He’s a striking young man, exuding an aura of confidence. His presence is magnetic.

Ashraf’s age appears to be no more than 27, and his appearance is captivating. He has fair skin, medium-sized eyes framed by long lashes, a well-proportioned nose, and slightly oily lips. His facial features are complemented by a well-groomed haircut, suggesting he has invested in his appearance.

As the night progresses, Ashraf’s attention shifts to a battery on the table. He suddenly addresses someone named Suzy, asking, “What’s up?” Suzy responds with a kiss on his forehead, and they head towards the bar together.

In the midst of this scene, one cannot help but be captivated by Ashraf’s charisma and youthful energy.

*ASHRAF* ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

*Egypt* *Intelligence Agency (SSS)*

In an Egyptian intelligence agency office, an Arab officer stands with a list in his hand, ready to assign missions to agents for the month. Among the names, there’s one that catches attention – *JUMAYMA KHATOON*.

As Jumayma’s name is called, a moment of silence follows. She is attentive but remains quiet. Her gaze drifts to the door, where a beautiful woman enters, wearing an Arabian abaya. This woman, although not the first of her kind, stands out with her creamy complexion, resembling a Nigerian girl.

The newcomer expresses gratitude for her safe arrival. Responding to her name, she confirms her presence. The agency leader informs her that her mission was assigned yesterday and asks if she’s ready to hear the details.

Jumayma takes a deep breath and nods in affirmation. The leader reveals her mission: to secretly investigate *MR SAFWAN SAFANA*, a Nigerian millionaire with investments in numerous companies in Egypt and England.

Jumayma is visibly intrigued and somewhat isolated by this revelation. She contemplates her upcoming journey to Nigeria. The leader urges her to leave immediately, and she acknowledges the order.

In haste, Jumayma heads out, flagging a taxi. She arrives at a house and instructs the taxi driver to wait while she enters. Inside, she encounters a woman sitting on a two-seater sofa, watching the news.

The woman implores Jumayma to return soon, speaking in Arabic. Jumayma shares that she is pregnant and emphasizes the urgency of her mission. Her mother, Ummy, shows understanding and support.

They exchange heartfelt farewells, and Jumayma prepares to leave for Nigeria. Her journey begins with the hope of fulfilling her mission and returning safely.

*New York, Ashraf’s Departure*

In New York, Ashraf is seen packing his bags for a sudden departure. His friend, Huzaifa, questions his hasty exit. Ashraf explains that he received a call from his father, who informed him that his grandmother is unwell.

Huzaifa suggests sitting on the floor, as it’s customary for elders to occupy beds. Ashraf agrees and locks his suitcase. He asks Huzaifa to drop him off at the airport, and they leave together.

*Nigerian Airport, Abuja*

At the Nigerian airport in Abuja, a diverse group of passengers can be seen, each carrying their travel bags as they move slowly through the terminal.

Among the travelers, Jumayma stands in line to check her bags. To her surprise, Ashraf is right behind her. He answers a call from his dad, assuring him of his arrival in Abuja from New York via Egypt.

Ashraf is visibly stressed and vents his frustration to his friend about a persistent headache. Despite the discomfort, he manages to maintain his composure as they wait in line, ready to embark on their respective journeys.

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