ABIN CIKIN KWAI Complete Document Written By Ummu Maheer


The house was a grand spectacle, unmistakably announcing the festivity it hosted along the roadside. Its impressive, white façade and sprawling layout exuded an air of prominence, the thirteen sections standing as a testament to its opulence.

Inside the main hall, the wedding celebration was in full swing. The bride, adorned in a resplendent gown, was the center of attention. Her bridesmaids, gleefully capturing moments with selfies, playfully teased her.

“Khairat, please hurry, everyone’s waiting for you,” urged one of her companions. Khairat, taking her time to prepare, responded, “Wow, just because the girl’s taking her time.” Rashida intervened, urging Khairat to join the guests, emphasizing her role as the bride’s sister. Yet, Iman interjected, casting a disparaging light on Khairat, disdaining her delay and hinting at her lower social standing.

The palpable chill in the air bore witness to the palpable animosity Iman and her younger brother, Baby, harbored towards Khairat. Mystified by their antipathy, Khairat couldn’t fathom why she alone bore the brunt of their disdain, while her other siblings remained unscathed. Rashida, Amira, and the rest were all beloved, but she, in their eyes, was an outsider.

Settling into one of the chairs, Khairat’s gaze fell upon Hajiya Kaka, their grandmother, who sat with a prominent betel nut, her mouth and lips stained red. Chuckling to herself, she taunted, “You’re laughing, Malik, but I’m stronger than your mother. What’s so amusing about this old woman? If I’m not pleasing to the eye, then just close your eyes a little.”

Accustomed to the verbal assaults and scorn her mother endured from their grandmother, Khairat couldn’t help but seethe inwardly. Kaka’s bitterness stemmed from her resentment towards Khairat’s mother, the result of her conversion to Islam upon marriage, a fact that had irked Kaka and fueled her perpetual hostility.

The tension heightened as Grandpa publicly berated Khadija, chastising her attire and mockingly questioning the whereabouts of her betrothed. Though her tears flowed, Khadija’s spirit remained unyielding, resilient in the face of adversity.

Rafi’atu, unable to bear the sight, confronted Kaka, admonishing her for her spiteful words. Yet, Kaka, unrepentant, continued her tirade, belittling Khadija and causing further unrest.

As the commotion unfolded, the arrival of cars at the residence drew everyone’s attention. Kaka’s tears quickly turned to joy as she welcomed the sight of Soldier Bilal, her beloved grandson. Khairat, unable to shake her secret admiration for Bilal, watched him with bated breath, admiring his impeccable appearance and gallant demeanor. As Bilal approached Kaka, she pointed towards Khairat, maliciously singling her out. Catching Khairat’s gaze, Bilal swiftly averted his eyes, taking Kaka’s hand as they left the gathering.


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