ABARAHAM Complete Document Written By NoorEeman


**Location: Wordbank Estate, Owerri State, Nigeria**

Wordbank Estate, situated in the affluent neighborhood of Imo State, stands as one of the most opulent areas in the region. Within this lavish community, the prominent structure known as Abraham Mansion reigns supreme. This mansion serves as a hub for gatherings, interactions, and prosperity in the entirety of Wordbank Estate. As I explored a section of the mansion, I witnessed a disconcerting scene.

A young, pregnant woman with a burgeoning belly, clothed in white, quenched her thirst with Eva table water from the fridge. Unbeknownst to her, her husband was absent, a fact that deeply troubled her. The woman, yearning for his return, consumed the water hastily, contemplating the impending separation. In her distress, she fumbled for her phone to call her beloved spouse, the one person she cherished after her parents. However, her thoughts were clouded by a memory of stolen moments with someone named Kenan.

Venturing into the living room, she was alarmed by the escalating voices of Madam Gloria and her friend Sarah. The distressing revelation from Madam Gloria hinted at a sinister plan involving Nonye and her unborn child. Nonye, eavesdropping at the door, covered her mouth in shock as she overheard their nefarious intentions.

In an attempt to escape their malevolent scheme, Nonye decided to leave the premises discreetly. As she made her way outside, Madam Gloria opened the door only to find no trace of her. Bewildered, the two schemers speculated about the unexpected turn of events.

Madam Gloria, determined to locate Nonye, enlisted the help of a guard, but Nonye had vanished. Undeterred, Madam Gloria and Sarah embarked on a frantic search, eventually resorting to using a car to scour the area. In the midst of their pursuit, a mysterious phone call was made, arranging a meeting at a junction.

Meanwhile, a man named Emma arrived at the designated spot, eager to assist Madam Gloria. Nonye, running for her life, caught their attention, leading to a dramatic confrontation. In a cruel twist, Nonye’s fate seemed sealed as she was forced into the car.

As the clock struck 2:00 AM, a sinister scene unfolded. Madam Gloria, accompanied by Aunt Sarah, stood over Nonye, who was in labor. Despite the agony she endured, Nonye’s pleas fell on deaf ears. Madam Gloria’s malevolent intentions became clear as she began a ruthless attempt to snuff out Nonye’s life.

Aunt Sarah, torn between loyalty and remorse, witnessed the horrifying act with a heavy heart. Nonye’s life hung in the balance as Madam Gloria, driven by hatred, pressed a pillow onto her face. The room fell silent, and even in death, Nonye’s belly continued to stir, leaving an unsettling aftermath.

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