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“A woman can be compared to a vegetable; some may appear sweet, but when you taste them, the opposite is true.”

“Women often earn various nicknames; a strong-willed and stubborn one may transform herself into a gentle soul.”

“Hmmm! You remind me of a delightful fragrance that I cherish above all else. That’s why many call me Zukau hhhh.”

“Mtsw, they haven’t met someone like me, which is why they praise you. Regarding the other matter, I’m on top.”

This is a conversation among young men discussing topics related to women and their experiences with them. The discussion involves all the members of the group, except for Junaid, who seems distant in thought.

Jaafar signaled with his eyes, drawing everyone’s attention to Junaid, who appeared lost in his thoughts. Jaafar asked, “Is that you?” Junaid, slightly surprised, responded, “Yes, I’ve been isolating myself. You’re discussing women, and I’m here apart from all that. May God grant you understanding.”

Laughter erupted among the group before Jaafar explained, “Yes, we talk about our robust health, which is why we strive to win over every woman we desire. We even had a health check at the barber shop, and the verdict was that Junaid’s ‘anus’ hasn’t fully developed yet.” He playfully reached out to touch between Junaid’s thighs, prompting Junaid to abruptly stand up and leave.

Junaid didn’t have to walk far to reach his home. Upon entering, he encountered Agaishat, who was in tears. He noticed her hiding something behind her back, which turned out to be a phone. Without saying a word, he took the phone and retreated to his room, feeling a pang of sorrow for his friend’s frustration and his brother’s wife.

He grasped his waist, deep in thought, when suddenly, Agaishat entered, and her family members chased after her, brandishing sticks. Their determination and firmness overwhelmed him humorously.

From her room, his mother shouted, “Agaishat, you know you should leave. If I find you here, I’ll tell your father.” Confused, Agaishat left Junaid’s presence, where he gestured toward his small metal bed. She sat on it, and he departed, encountering Sa’adiya on his way out. Sa’adiya gripped his waist in anger, meeting his gaze as he adjusted his pants around his “tail.” He cautioned her not to reveal her secret and warned her to stay away from Agaishat. He then left Sa’adiya, who returned to the house. Junaid’s room was situated at the beginning of the house.

Upon his return, he found Agaishat standing, her eyes red from crying. He sat on the bed and comforted her with a smile, a smile known only to her. She reached out to touch his dimple, which made her smile even wider. “Uncle Junaid, today you smiled, and it appeared,” she said with excitement. He laughed and asked about her school, realizing he had forgotten to pay her school fees. Worried, he promised to take care of it. As they conversed, he listened to the innocent chatter of Agaishat, a girl no older than twelve, whose thoughts revolved around future husbands and children, all while maintaining her infectious smile.

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