ABINCIN WANI Complete Document Written By Mrs Sadauki



“A woman is like a vegetable; to some, they may appear sweet, but once you get to know them closely, you may find the opposite.”

“Women can have various names and personalities. Some may seem bitter and stubborn like Kauci, but then they transform themselves into sweet honey.”

“Hmmm! You remind me of the scent of something I love the most in the whole world, that’s why many call me Zukau hhhh.”

As some young men were conversing, discussing women and their experiences, Jafaar gave a signal, and all eyes turned to Junaid, who seemed lost in thought. Jafaar asked, “Is that you?” Junaid replied with surprise, “Yes, I was lost in my thoughts. You were discussing women, and I was somewhere else, may God bless you all.”

Everyone laughed, and Jafaar jokingly said, “Indeed, we have healthy tales that make us refuse to get married too soon, hahaha.” Mansur joined in, “My friend, we should take you to the barber; he checked your health and said that your ‘tale’ has not yet grown.” He playfully reached out to touch Junaid’s thigh, and Junaid quickly stood up and left the group.

As Junaid entered their house, he accidentally bumped into Agaishat, who seemed upset. He silently took her phone from her hands and retreated to his room, troubled by his friend’s anger and the situation with his brother’s wife.

While he was pondering, Sa’adiya entered his room and grabbed his attention. She moved towards him seductively, but Junaid resisted her advances. He warned her not to meddle with him, and reminded her to stay away from Agaishat. Frustrated, Sa’adiya left in anger.

Later, Junaid’s little sister, AGAISHAT, visited his room. He made her smile and laugh, the only one who could bring such joy to her. They chatted, and she told him about her day at school, mentioning the need to pay fees. Junaid promised to take care of it.

Sa’adiya’s feelings for Junaid had intensified since he insulted her. She found herself drawn to him, trying to attract his attention. She walked around the house with allure, secretly watching Junaid pray. She wished she could replace AGAISHAT in his heart.

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