There was a sudden traffic jam on Central Park Road, bringing all movement to a standstill. People were getting out of their cars to see what had happened, pushing through the crowd to get to the source of the commotion. Amidst the chaos, I struggled to make my way through, determined to reach the scene.

Finally, I managed to get closer and, to my amazement, saw a remarkably handsome young man lying on the ground, his body covered in blood. Despite the gruesome sight, his natural beauty still shone through. I turned to those around me and said, “We must help him, there’s no one here to take him to safety.”

A man knelt beside the injured guy, tears streaming down his face as he pleaded with the people around, “Please, someone, take my husband to the hospital. I can’t do it alone. Please, help him; he’s not breathing.”

A burly man nearby retorted, “He’s not even part of Alhaji Mainah’s family. We won’t assist this cursed boy; he’ll be of no benefit. Even his parents disowned him; they don’t want him to bring shame upon them. It might be better if he dies, as unfortunate as that sounds. He’s just a child.”

Amidst the chatter, the injured young man remained unconscious. The man who had been desperately seeking help for his friend left him by the roadside, his pleas unanswered.

He kept muttering, “God be with you, Alfah. God willing, you’ll survive this. Every living being faces trials, and this is yours. May God grant you strength. We’ll get through this.”

He hailed a taxi, and when one finally stopped, the driver joined the effort. They carefully placed the injured young man in the car and rushed him straight to the hospital.

At the hospital, they rushed Alfah inside. The man who had been so desperate to save his friend felt a sense of urgency. He purchased a card and filled it with all the necessary details for Alfah’s treatment. He made his way to the pharmacy, withdrew the needed medications, and prayed fervently for his friend’s recovery.

“Nothing will happen to you, Alfah,” he whispered. “You’ll wake up, God willing. No matter how much you may have contemplated death, you’re not meant to die today. Even if you were to pass away, Alfah, you can’t be certain that death holds the happiness you’ve lost in this world. Everything is temporary, and no circumstance is permanent.”

As if responding to his words, Alfah slowly regained consciousness. He sat up and wiped his face, whispering softly, “Doctor, has he woken up? Is he okay?”

The doctor smiled reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry, your brother is alive. But let’s step into my office; there’s something important we need to discuss.” He patted the man’s shoulder, and they made their way to the doctor’s office together.

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