**The Kingdom of Gombe**

As the plane touched down at the airport in Gombe, five cars awaited its arrival. They parked near the aircraft, and passengers began disembarking. Two individuals unfurled a red carpet on the steps leading down from the plane. Among the crowd, I spotted a young man dressed in white. He slowly descended the steps, looking somewhat overwhelmed by the grandeur of the moment.

The middle car’s window rolled down, revealing an elderly man adorned in regal attire. It was evident that this man was the father of the young man. With a warm smile, the young man approached his father, embracing him tightly. The gentleman patted his son on the back and uttered, “Welcome back, my son.” The young man beamed and replied, “I’m delighted to see you, Dad.” His Highness smiled, and the car door was opened for them to enter.

The convoy made its way directly to the royal palace without any stops along the way. The sound of the first car’s horn resonated at the palace gate, signaling their arrival. The cars drove into the palace grounds to their designated spot. The palace staff were bustling with activity, each person diligently performing their assigned tasks. As they saw the nobleman and the prince, they respectfully halted their work, and the pair entered the palace.

Inside her opulent living room, Kishingide was attended to by a maid who was massaging her. As the nobleman bid his son farewell and placed a hand on his shoulder, the maid noticed their entrance. She respectfully bowed and greeted them. Then, she patted the bed and sat up, smiling at her son. In a serene tone, she said, “Welcome, my son.” With a smile on his face, he responded, “Lapia lau, Mum. Nasameku lapia?” Fulani gazed at her son with joy and replied, “Lapia lau, O Karatu. I hope you found what you were looking for.” He nodded and, rising to his feet, said, “Um, why don’t I go freshen up? People are waiting for me.” He chuckled and left the living room, saying, “My time will come, too.” She stood up and inquired, “Are you going to have some food now, or would you prefer to take a bath first?” He paused and replied, “Let me take a bath first.” With that, he proceeded to his chamber, where preparations were underway, changed into a towel, and headed to the bathroom.

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