A woman, not yet 50 years old, sat in her living room, overwhelmed by tears. A girl emerged from a room, took a seat on the floor beside her, also in tears. She admitted her mistake, but her mother, filled with anger, interrupted her, rebuking her for causing distress in the neighborhood.


The girl, named Khadija, clung to her mother’s legs, begging for forgiveness amidst her tears. She couldn’t bear the curses and wished for reconciliation. However, her mother, Hafsat, rejected her, declaring that she was no longer her beloved child.


Later, the woman, who had been crying, woke up to her hungry infant. She tried to talk to her mother, but Hafsat, in anger, insisted the child ask someone else for food and not refer to her as “mother.”


The tension and emotional turmoil in the house continued, leaving everyone in distress.

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