A JINI TAKE (IZZATA) CHAPTER 1 Complete Document Written By Mhiz Innocent


As the late afternoon descended and the sun prepared to dip below the horizon, a gentle breeze swept through the city, carrying with it a sense of tranquility. Two young women strolled gracefully, their floor-length hijabs swaying in unison. One veiled in a niqab, cradled a young boy in her arms, while the other wore a simple hijab, her face exposed to the world.

The child, no older than five, wore a school uniform, indicating their recent return from Islamic studies. Glancing at the woman without the niqab, I noticed a faint shadow clouding her otherwise striking features, hinting at some unseen turmoil. Yet, even obscured, her beauty remained undeniable—a testament to her Arab heritage, with captivating eyes and delicate features.

As they reached their home, silence enveloped them, save for the soft rustle of fabric. Their residence, grand and modern, exuded an air of opulence despite its solitude. Dismissing her bag with a careless toss, the younger woman, whom I learned was named Afrah, moved with purpose, her demeanor betraying a hint of agitation.

Concern etched across her mother’s face, she inquired, “What’s wrong? What happened with Afaaf today?” Afrah’s laughter, as she removed her niqab, revealed her own radiant visage, distinct from her sister’s, with captivating brown eyes.

“Thank you, Masha Allah!” I murmured, struck by their subtle differences, though both possessed an undeniable allure. Despite their identical appearance, their personalities diverged, evident even in their voices—Afrah’s gentle tones contrasting with Afaaf’s fiery spirit.

Their conversation revealed the source of tension: a new teacher at their school. Afaaf’s defiance sparked frustration in her mother, who vowed to intervene if necessary. With a heavy heart, she departed, leaving Afrah to ponder their differences in silence.

Later, as Afrah retired to bed, Quran in hand, she found Afaaf already there, fresh from her ablutions. Their ensuing exchange exposed Afaaf’s defiance and Afrah’s attempts to steer her sister onto a righteous path. Despite their identical voices, their convictions set them apart, leaving me to ponder the intricacies of their bond.

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