She walked down the street in her primary school uniform, tears streaming down her face. It was a sight that tugged at anyone’s heart. I approached her and asked, “Nafeesa, why are you crying? You apologized yesterday, and I told you to stay strong, that every beginning has an end. Nifa, I hate seeing you like this. I don’t want you to go through anything so difficult. Can’t you hold on a bit longer?”

Nafeesa replied, “Hmmm, Maryam, given the situation I’m in, I can’t help but cry. I was hungry yesterday and had to skip a meal. I’m frustrated because my parents are struggling like this. Farewell ????, it’s all because of the circumstances we’re in ????????.”

Maryam sighed and said, “I understand, Nafeesa. Everyone is facing their own destiny.” She extended her hand and added, “Come on, please wipe your tears ????. Let’s keep going.”

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